Poppy Bush Pops Lap Dance Cork, Sprays Crowd At Poolside!


June 9, 2009 by billie789


photo courtesy TMZ

Methinks Senior Bush spent too much time with Bill Clinton last year!

Love the socks. Barbara was there, by the way. They invited an entertainment troupe to help celebrate Barbara’s 84th birthday and thought the red head might look a little more appetizing in a bikini than “Mom.”

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5 thoughts on “Poppy Bush Pops Lap Dance Cork, Sprays Crowd At Poolside!

  1. torqdog says:

    Face is cute, feet are too big and tits are too small. OK, Bush 41 probably isn’t quite as discriminating as I am.
    I wonder…… is that babe a viagra substitute for old George?

    ……. and yeah, them be some fine lookin socks there fella! :-)

  2. bill says:

    Gosh, TD, I just thought she had a pretty smile. Didn’t mean to set off your inner Don Rickles.

  3. Da Goddess says:

    Now what occasion was this?

    Somehow the sight of GHW Bush with a young woman on his lap makes me smile. Guess I can’t help to think this is all in good fun and everyone knows it.

  4. bill says:

    It was Barbara’s 84th birthday party and they had invited, for some unknown reason, a local theater/entertainment troupe to help celebrate. And it was in good fun; just look at his socks.

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